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Type Processed Pigment Trade Name Form Application&Product
PVC Master Batch PVB Sheet/Crush Soft-Semi-Rigid Flim, Sheet and Leather Vinyl floor covering, bath mat, tablecloth, raincloth, shower curtain, bags, stationary, packing, canvas, shower cap, album, book cover, floor tile, car mat, inflatable toy, vinyl leather for car & furniture, car flooring, sun visors, door trims, wallets, purse belts, shoes
Master Powder PVL Powder Rigid PVC Film Doors, Doors frame, strip, ceiling, rain gutters, hore, strip blinds, credit card and cable jackering
Dry Color TMC Powder Powder Roto Molding Wire Casting Wire&Cable jacketing, pipe, fittings, pail, toy, insulator, bottles, chemical-water tank and spectic tank
PU Chip DUC Chip Dry-Type PU Leather PU Leather for car, furniture, shoes, wallets, golf glove, football, purse belt
PVC Chip DPP / DVP Chip PVC Film, Sheet Printing ink for vinyl flooring, tablecloth, inflatable toy, shower curtain, bath mat and furniture
Ink Leather Printing
EVA Master Batch EVB Granule EVA Foaming EVA shoes, shoe sole and toys
Master Batch RBB Sheet EVA Foam and Rubber
PE Master Batch PEB Pellet Film, Extrusion General purpose bags, food packaging, artificial flowers, food containers(bottles, cups, plates, bowls), toys, crates, ropes, mulch film, cable jacket, woven sacks, straw, garbage bag, automotive parts, elecrical parts, blister film, shopping bags, finish nets, pipe and spout, stretch film and shopping bags
Injection, Molding
PP Master Batch PPB Pellet Film, Extrusion Caontainers, pail, pp ropes, battery cases, future board, electrical appliances, wire jacket, cable jacket, hot fill bags, grocery bags, household item, woven sacks and straw
Injection, Molding
Any Plastic Synthetic Pigment TMC Powder Powder Roto Molding Any Plastic and Printing Ink Bucket, bottles, chemical-water tank, septic tank, underground water tank, furniture, toys, cooler boxes, various plastic container, boat, pipe and fitting
Printing Ink